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Having descended the narrow stairs one will appear in the XVIth centuary gothic cellars where in 1972 the restaurant halls have been opened.

The hall is named due to the authentic baroque style arch paintings that are architectural heritage. The fireplace and windows facing the courtyard attract visitors for an enjoyable dining experience.

Steakhouse groundfloor 1 was renovated in 2005. Now it's very much loved by the business guests who come to dine and popular among the wedding party attendees.

The Steakhouse groundfloor 2 was reconstructed in 2005. It was changed a lot comparing to the hall in 1972.

This is one of the newly reconstructed dinning rooms of the restaurant. In 2007 the architects Austėja Valevičiūtė and Martynas Valevičius have been awarded the "Golden Palette" for the best public interior.

Away from the bustle of the street - a cozy inner courtyard of the restaurant "Lokys" is opened during the high season until the first frost.